Hello, my name is Chelsea Brown! This website culminates the final project of my History 390 Digital Past class at George Mason University. This site is for educational purposes only. I am a biology major with a pre med focus. I want to become a neurosurgeon, and thus the relevance of the topic for this site.

Insane asylums during the 1830's thru the 1990's performed many inhumane treatments on their patients. Most of the treatments were experimental, and surprisingly, advanced the medical field. I however, want to focus on the asylums history, why they were created, what took place within the walls of the different asylums, and what was their downfall.

We still have mental health facilities in America today, but nothing compared to what we have between 1830's-1900's. Something had to have changed for these asylums to be shut down, and for many to be presumed "haunted".