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We were instructed today during class to investigate a website, so that way we may look at the pros and cons of the source to use it as a stepping stone for our own projects in the near future. So, I weeded through a lengthy list that was provided to us and picked out the website titled The Lost Museum. The title of this website drew me, because I was curious about what could make a museum lost? After I clicked on the link, it took me into the website and the first thing that caught my attention was the video that played. Me, being the visual learner that I am, thought this was a very good technique to draw in the websites viewers. I believe that with the increasing amount of visual learners in the world population, that I might use a technique similar in my own project.

To make sure that this website is a good stepping stone to work off of for my project I am going to assess it using OAH Digital History Reviews five areas; content, design, audience, digital media, and creators.


After viewing and going through much of the website, I believe that this website is more geared towards professors and teachers. It gives off the vibes of a teaching tool, with an educational activity or two that the students can then later do in a computer lab. The historical information on this website was last updated in 2015. However, the teaching tools and materials are very much up to date. They were just updated this year, 2021. First impressions give off that there isn’t much information given. If you dig a little deeper and start clicking on the links, you can find loads of articles and documents detailing information about the museum and the information that the museum held before it was burned down. 


Even though I love the video that first presents itself as you open the website, I feel as though the design is a little outdated. There is not much going on for the page itself. When you want to find out written information or research you have to really dig around the website to look for it. If I were a first time viewer and didn’t need this website for part of my classwork, I am not sure I would choose it. I would deem it not user friendly in the navigation category. You shouldn’t have to take a long time one any website to truly find the content of it, at least in my opinion.


As I said up in the content portion, I believe that this website is geared more towards teachers and professors. It is set up as a teaching aid with tools and materials for them. If they are able to get their students into the computer lab or on their own personal computers they can even do interactive educational activities. I don’t think this website was created for the general public, just because it’s so hard to find any information on the site.

Digital Media:

So there were some really cool things about this website and its media. There is a huge interactive museum on it! “The heart of this website is the 3-D re-creation of P.T. Barnum’s American Museum” Having this on their website is so awesome, because the actual museum burned down, so no one can really go back to visit to see what it truly looked like or what the attractions were. They also have this mystery game you can play on the website which is just as fun, I mean who doesn’t like mystery games!?! It was Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick, hahaha. 


There were many creators, and multiple contributors. There was a whole page dedicated to them. But there were a few that stood out:

After reviewing this website in depth, there are some things I did like about it. However I am not quite sure I want to use it to base my own website off of. I very much and still looking for some inspiration and creativity to boost my motivation for my project.


OAH Digital History Reviews

The Lost Museum

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