Why The GF Guarantee?

My name is Chelsea Brown and you might be wondering why you’re on a page that is guaranteeing you a gluten free way. Well personally I spent a good chunk of my life with celiacs disease. It wasn’t till recently in the last few years that eating gluten free and finding products that were made gluten free were easy. So like most things, they had to be made and recipes had to be formed. So a couple of years ago I decided to create an instagram called the.glutenfree.guarantee where I post about my life and celiac diet. I will be using this website for my HIST 390 course, but afterwards I hope to use the knowledge I gain from this course to create a blog to help further my followers and help give them easier access to amazing recipes that are not only healthy but taste like actual food and not like a cardboard box lol! With my recipes I guarantee to use products that are gluten free or certified gluten free. I can not guarantee that they have not been contaminated, or that your kitchen has not been contaminated.

I transferred to GMU from NOVA as a Junior this year. I am biology major, however I have high hopes of switching to biomedical engineering major with a pre health focus. I really want to make a difference in the world one way or another. I am looking to go to medical school to focus on either neuro surgery or endocrinology both have a special place in my heart and a long background. It won’t be till I am in med school till I decide which field I will study.

So when trying to become a doctor or engineer and get patents approve it is extremely important to have a professional online presence this day and age. So, I tried to google myself by my maiden name, which unfortunately is very common, but I found out something interesting. There is an African American actress, comedian, dancer named Chelsea Brown (born Lois Brown) who died in 2017. I thought that was awesome! When I googled my married name Chelsea Ridgeway I did find my Facebook, but that was about it. That was actually surprising, because most of my personal accounts are private. I even tried duck duck go’s search engine to see if I could get a different outcome, and I actually got the same outcome that google gave me. I hope that maybe I enter the medical field or even by creating my own patents in the biomedical engineering field, it will help my online presence. I know it will take a lot of hard work and dedication to get there, but I haven’t shied away from it yet!

I had a lot of obstacles in my way since I graduated high school, and it has not been easy trying to get on the right path. I refuse to let anything stand in my way, and neither should you! Dream big, work hard and accomplish your goals!

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